Best Morning Routine?

Best Morning Routine?

The best way to have a good day, is to have a good morning!

We decided to cram in some of our favourite things we think you should consider adding to your morning routine.

The best way to get your perfect routine is to find what works for you. Start with what interests you, and what you already understand about your body, then progress with alterations and suggestions from others.


  • Exercise

It has been proven that exercising in the morning, helps with energy levels, and even our cognitive ability. Did you know that of 100 patients who were involved in research to see the effects of cognitive abilities from exercise vs caffeine, 12% found an increase from exercise and only 6% from caffeine.

We recommend getting some fresh air whilst you exercise. Oxygen helps clear the mind and provide for your body whilst you exercise.

What exercise? Whatever the fuck you want. Get your heart pumping. Hill sprints, long walks, HIIT Training, cycling. Spice it up. Go explore. A lot of mornings I like to get out to the skate park, practising a skill and keeping fit.

Working our before eating (in a semi/fully fasted state) is also a great way to boost metabolism. 

Some of the resources we use-


  • Some Mindfulness

I know a lot of people read this and think "that's just for hippies and vegans" (not to stereotype), but mindfulness is a great practice to get the hang of. Helping you control your emotions, really grasp yourself more, and understand you on a deeper level.

We like to do guided yoga in the morning. Usually, a sunset salutation does the trick, also getting the heart moving a bit. When you sleep, your body isn't moving, and we usually become quite stiff. Yoga is great because you are stretching your body right out, releasing any tension. Mix this with controlled breathing, you have yourself a banging way to start the morning.

Following this, either reading and/or meditation will further enhance your mindfulness. Having greater self-awareness should always be an aim of ours. As when we can understand ourselves more, we can 1. understand others better, and 2. help ourselves more and get more from life.

These are some of the resources we use-


  • Breakfast/Nutrition

It's important that in a morning you are fully energised for whatever you do the rest of the day. The key ingredient to this is your breakfast and what you put in it to power it up!

In the morning you are going to want to be getting enough nutrients and healthy carbs. 

A good morning breakfast for us is the ol' reliable porridge. Now I never used to like porridge, but just over 3 years ago, I went sugar-free. Basically every cereal ever invented has sugar in, so I turned to porridge. had to force it down a few times, but now I can eat that good stuff breakfast through to pudding. My fave porridge recipe is:

  • Cacao Powder
  • Chia Seeds
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Shredded Coconut

Pro-tip- to perfect the porridge, leave it to soak in milk for a few minutes before heating. Trust me.

To really try kick it, juice some celery juice. On top of all this, always remember to drink water! When you sleep, your body is repairing itself and using water. Replenish that water!

Whether you are a coffee person or not, you have to be on the bullet coffee grind. It will change your life! Check out my blog post on the AMAZING BULLET COFFEE!

Here's some resources we use:


  • Morning Pages

I think this is the 'Official' name, or at least what most people call it. Basically, you write what your thoughts are each morning. Could be what you dreamt of last night, how your feeling, what your mind is full of, a checklist for the day, anything. By writing these things down, we are being more mindful and appreciative, trying to bring ourselves into the present.

This is really important as most people regret the past, and dwell on the future, but not many appreciate the present.

A cool thing I personally like to do is something called a bullet journal (completely unrelated to the bullet coffee). Its a journal, but instead of lines, it has dots. So you can draw your own tables, designs, whatever- just makes it more creative.

Some resources we use:

  • Bullet Journal (book) - Amazon

For some other ideas we have tried and seen about:

  • Foam roll muscles
  • Cold shower! YES!!!
  • Productive medition
  • Video log
  • Photo log
  • Listen to podcasts
  • SAVERS (Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exerise, Reading, Scribling)
  • Work on side hustle

When trying to create a morning routine, think about these factors- Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical.

Thanks for reading 🤙🏻



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