Best Walks In The Peak District

Best Walks In The Peak District

Just going to rattle off some of the best walks in the Peak District and where you can find them. Bearing in mind there are TONNES of amazing walks you can find in the peaks, some of which the best in the country! For more inspiration, check these websites.


  • Tissington Trail (Start anywhere on trail)

The trail runs from Parsley Hay in the North to Ashbourne in the South. This is an old railway line that the National Trust brought in 1971. It is now a traffic-free trail, that is perfect for walking, running or cycling, running about 13 miles long.

  • Dovedale (DE6 2AY)

Most famous (in my opinion) for its iconic stepping stones, where most people who fall in the river are either following an excited/anxious dog, or busy trying to get a good photo.

Here there is a car park (£3), and a few facilities.  The path runs alongside the river dove, and passes through some mountains like Thorpe Cloud. If you keep following it you will walk past a small cliff called Lovers Leap, don't get too close!

  • Bakewell  (DE45 1DS)

Around Bakewell, there are many great public footpaths. Even better, just a few miles away is the picturesque Chatsworth House. My fave part (and it's probably just me) about going to Chatsworth House is the fresh food market they have. Drives my taste buds crazy every time I visit.

We recommend trying out the Monsal Trail to get to Chatsworth from Bakewell.

  • Matlock (DE4 3AT)

The famous mining town in home of some pretty cool walks and sights. We recommend trying the short burst up to the Heights of Abraham. You can either cable cart up there, or push yourself and walk it! I think we all know what you should be doing ;)

  • The Great Ridge (S33 8WN)

Starting out at Castleton, make your way to Mam Tor and along the great ridge. Stunning views, really recommend going for a sunrise walk. Enjoy the surrounding of rolling hills, and the sound of nature! The walk is 6.5 miles, but can be extended to an 8 mile if you walk along the river on the way back.

  • Kinder Scout (S33 7ZD)

Bit of a more challenging walk as you walk up Kinder Scout. But don't get me wrong, the pay of it worth it! Stunning views, burn a few calories, and a great way to spend the day! Depending on which route you do, it usually takes around 4-5 hours to complete.

Bit of rough terrain on the ascent, with some challenging uphill sections. It's also very open so we suggest bringing some proper clothes and planning ahead!

  • B-29 Overexposed crash site (SK13 7EJ)

Bit of a historical journey this one, as you take on part of the Pennine Way, and stumble upon the crash site of the Boeing RB-29 Superfortress "Over Exposed". There are a few ways to get here, but we recommend starting at the A57 Snake Pass and joining onto the Penning Way. Park on the side of the road, and you will see a path heading towards the north.



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