How To Know If You're Using Products With Microplastics In Them

How To Know If You're Using Products With Microplastics In Them

You probably already know about Microplastics, they've been in the news a lot and we're hearing all about how they're fucking up our planet.

But did you know that there is an app that can scan ingredients lists, and will tell you if the product has microplastics in them?

Also, we're not affiliated with anything we write about. They're all just things we really think you will benefit from. And an app like this will help us all!


Microplastics are plastics found in millions of products worldwide. They refer to all type of tiny plastic particles (smaller than 5mm). Most of the time they're intentionally put in products as emulsifying agents and cheap fillers.

Best place to check for microplastics is cosmetics!!! Everything you put on yourself, find its way to nature, our ocean, forests, where it is put back in the food chain, and will more than likely make it's way back to you in the form of food.

Let's take an example- sun cream. Your suncream may contain microplastics, which you are not only rubbing into your skin, but you're also going to wash it off at the end of the day. This will go down your drain and into the sewers. Sadly wastewater treatment plants are not designed to filter these out, meaning they make their way into our oceans. Contributing towards this 'Plastic Soup'.

Sea animals absorb and eat these microplastics, being passed along marine food chains, and eventually work their way up to humans. Even worse- microplastics are not biodegradable. Meaning once they have reached the marine environment, you basically have no way of removing them again.


Beat the microbead is an app made by the charity Plastic Soup. Plastic soup is a way of describing littered parts of the seas and oceans. As it looks like a plastic soup. 

The app is extremely easy to use, all you need to do is:

  1. Grab the product you want to scan
  2. Open the app and press 'Scan For Microplastics'
  3. Point the camera at the ingredients list of the product, and take a photo.
  4. Sit back, and the app will tell you if it has microplastics in it.

The app also has a whole database of products and if they have microplastics in them. That means you can check products, without having their ingredients list in front of you. Each time you scan a new product, you have the option to add it to their database if it doesn't already exist


The most important thing you can do- STOP BUYING SINGLE-USE PLASTICS! These single-use plastics, arent bio-degradable, and aren't being reused. Meaning they're fucking up our environment big time.

Our environment is taking a full shafting due to plastics, and it's taken us way too long to realise this and start to take any action. Meaning the action we do take, has to be way more drastic. We need change, or our planet will eventually give in, and crumble.

Secondly, stop buying products with microplastics in them. Use the app I previously suggested, its all free, and scan all your cosmetic items. Hand washes, sun creams, makeup, everything. 

There are tonnes of cosmetic companies out there whose belief is to help save the environment. Do your research, pay a bit more for quality products, and educate others!

You can also donate to charities who are inventing new technologies and putting people out there to make a big dent in the rate of plastics entering our environment. Check out our Donation Page to find out more about some charities doing some amazing work in this field.


Plastic Soup 

Beat The Microbead

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